If I’d had children and had a girl, the first words I would have taught her would have been “fuck off” because we weren’t brought up ever to say that to anyone, were we? And it’s quite valuable to have the courage and the confidence to say, “No, fuck off, leave me alone, thank you very much.

Dame Helen Mirren (x)

Helen Mirren is so fucking amazing.

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Emma Thompson’s Best Actress BAFTA for Sense & Sensibility


Emma Thompson in The Winter Guest

'She's one of us, but more so. A heightened version of ourselves, a conductor of the sensual world. An ultrahuman.'

- Simon Price, The Quietus

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The Egregiously Overlooked Underappreciated Individuals:

Hugh James Calum Laurie (1959-)

"In the past I used to worry that he beat himself up too much. Goodness knows cockiness and conceit are unattractive, but I used to have to spend so much time telling him how great he was. I won’t go so far as to say that he now knows how great he is, but he’s a lot less prone to tearing into himself than he once was."

- Stephen Fry

Premiere of Mary Poppins (August 27, 1964)

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If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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Mary Poppins (USA, 1964)

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I cannot express in words how much this film is important to my life, except maybe for supercalifragilisticexpialidociousHere I leave some of my favorite photos of the whole production of this wonderful Walt Disney picture. 

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