Despicable me

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But are you sure that Benedick loves Beatrice so entirely?

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"I made a commercial and I was photographed, I did a poster once. I’ll presumably have to do that again. If you’re going to ask me questions about skincare, there’s not much I can tell you. Don’t rub a cheese grater up and down your cheeks. That would be my advice. Don’t dunk your face in engine oil or other caustic substances. I don’t know anything about it. They sort of ask you to do this thing and you go: ‘You’re out of your fucking mind, not in a billion years would I consider such a thing.’ Then, as they tell you it’s a great deal of money, the thought crosses your mind: ‘With that money I could build a school in Senegal.’ And then you can’t say no. Because if you do say no, what you’re saying is that your public pose is more important than people getting a school in Senegal or polio vaccinations in Uganda or whatever. You can’t do that. You just can’t.

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Rosella Hightower and Andre Eglevsky, dancers from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, photographed by Serge Lido in 1950

Re-watching House ’cause why not, right? 

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Emma Thompson + character tropes: Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)

Very nice lady served us drinks in hotel and was followed in by a cat. We all crooned at it. Alan [Rickman] to cat (very low and meaning it): ‘Fuck off.’ The nice lady didn’t turn a hair. The cat looked slightly embarrassed but stayed.

Emma Thompson (The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay and Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen’s Novel to Film)



Emma in “King Lear”


Emma looking snazzy with her co-star from Carrington Jonathan Pryce.