Photos of Elizabeth Taylor by her personal photographer, Gianni Bozzacchi.

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opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s

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musical theatre female character meme ♀ a female antagonist in a musical

mrs. lovett // sweeney todd

"Oh, Mr. Todd, I’m so happy! I could eat you up, I really could!
You know what I’d like to do Mr. Todd?
What I dream, if the business stays as good?
Where I’d really like to go, in a year or so?
Don’t you wanna know?” 

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He wears high draped pants, stripes are really yellow
He wears high draped pants, stripes are really yellow
But when he starts’n to love me
He’s so fine and mellow

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The photo on the left is Chief Big Foot. He and an estimated 300 Native Americans were massacred at Wounded Knee in 1890 by the United States Army. Most of them were women and children that died face first in the freezing snow, shot in the back as they tried to run. This incident is a drop in the bucket as compared to the literal genocide that took place here until the early 1900’s and the cultural genocide that some argue still takes place today. Of the millions upon millions that were executed, NONE were dressed as a “Slutty Indian” or the ill representation of “Pocahontas.” These people were AND ARE more than a costume or a fake headdress. You may find this petty or sensitive, perhaps we should “grow up” or “focus on other real issues.” I wish we could. How can a people be taken seriously about the “real issues” if we are still a slutty costume at a Halloween party, a crude drawing on a baseball jersey, or a derogatory mascot on a football helmet. If you wouldn’t paint your face black and dress as a slutty African American woman, why on earth would you do that to a Native American and think it isn’t racist, that it’s “in good fun.”

I love Halloween as much as the next person, probably more since it is the day after my birthday, but we can all have fun without being an ignorant bigot. I implore you to respect our culture, to respect our traditions, and to respect our ancestors. I BEG YOU TO RESPECT US!

I’ve never heard it put so well before.


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To her acute embarrassment, the Dowager Countess’ dirty laundry is up for discussion in front of her cousin, Isobel. With Denker refusing to wash Violet’s smalls, a furious Spratt takes the matter directly to his boss. (x)

Seriously? Fellowes is literally dragging Violet’s underwear into…


I drift with dunes,
I whisper of the tombs.
Oh, I'm in love
With Egypt.

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do you think that when fred and george started hogwarts all the teachers were like “ahh more weasleys. lovely. their brothers were such good students i’m sure they’ll be just the same.” and then the twins walked into their first class and just SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS

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You’re going to have people who are going to say ‘Oh, you know like, she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends’ and I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says it about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love-life, and no one raises a red flag there.

Taylor Swift on some peoples views on her songwriting (x)

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